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How To Get The Most Value For Your Estate Jewellery

There is a magnificent appeal when it comes to estate jewellery. While the experts say that age is not always a determining factor of estate jewellery, most pieces end up being over 150 years old. This tremendous history brings such mystery and wonder to these mesmerising pieces of jewellery, and each wearer carries its story with him or her throughout the years after their purchase. Here are some tips on how to get the best value for your estate jewellery and how to make each piece even more precious for the person buying it.

Get Your Estate Jewellery Professionally Cleaned & Polished 

Estate jewellery is definitely something that is high in demand because people realise that they can get a timeless piece of art at a much lower price when it has been previously owned. However, you don’t want to let your valued jewellery go for too little, so a thorough clean and polish is highly recommended in order for you to fetch a fair price for your estate jewellery. 

Depending on the age of each piece of jewellery and its delicacy, specialised cleaning methods may have to be used to restore its natural beauty without causing any damage or breakage. Speak to a professional, experienced jeweller or jewellery repair expert about cleaning and polishing your delicate jewels so they will be in pristine condition for resale at a high value.

It’s also advisable to repair any nicks in the items as these will bring down their value. Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists can offer a comprehensive restoration service that includes cleaning, polishing and repairs of exceptional quality.

Valuations & Packaging Make A Difference Too 

If possible, you should present your estate jewellery in its original packaging to make it more authentic. However, if the packaging is too old or has been damaged, you can ask for new packaging to be designed. Presentation really matters when someone is contemplating buying a piece of jewellery. It’s about the whole experience. A lover of estate jewellery will appreciate its longstanding value, its unspoken story of romance and will be happy to buy it and wear it with pride, as long as it is presented in a way that is attractive and highlights its value and craftsmanship. 

Getting a valuation on your estate jewellery can also help you get the best value and not undersell these exquisite antique articles. 

Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists is a connoisseur of estate jewellery, and we can help you clean, polish, repair and assess your estate jewellery to make it fit for resale. We are also an established and recognised dealer of high-quality estate jewellery. Contact us about cleaning or selling your estate jewellery in Adelaide or shop for estate jewellery here.