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Watch Repairs: A Damaged Watch Doesn’t Have To Bring Time To A Standstill

A watch that has stopped has a profoundly unsettling effect on its owner. You can feel disoriented, as though all time has stopped, but this need not be the case. Watch repairs can be seamlessly done at Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists, and both you and your watch will be back to normal in quick time. Here is what we offer along the lines of watch repairs.

Battery Replacement With Precision 

A battery is the heartbeat of your watch. When it has reached the end of its life cycle, there is not much you can do except get it replaced by a professional. We highly recommend a specialist store like ours for this purpose since some batteries require particular tools to remove the back of the watch, which is a delicate process. Depending on the model of your watch, we can fit the battery on the spot, or we will let you know if it requires a bit more time.

Band Restoration And Fitting 

Watch bands are a prime attraction and reflect your personality. Whether it is a genuine leather band or a gold or silver band, this is the part of the watch that safely encircles your wrist and should feel comfortable while adding elegance to the overall appearance of your watch. We offer band fittings and replacements. We also stock quality leather and metal bands in an array of different styles. If you purchase from us, we can repair or replace these while you wait, if needed.

Water Pressure Testing 

After a battery replacement, water pressure testing is required to ensure that your watch is still water-resistant. As part of our watch repairs, we offer this service and can advise you further if your watch needs to be made water-resistant again. It may need a new back seal, crown or glass replacement, but all of these can be done with ultimate care for your watch by our experienced team.

Visit us at Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists for watch repairs conducted by seasoned professionals. These services can be offered as part of your scheduled watch service or as standalone watch repairs depending on your requirements. Contact us to find out more about our repair timeframes and availability.