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Birthday Gift Guide January To June: Gemstone Jewellery Is The Perfect Gift For That Special Person In Your Life

Everyone knows that jewellery makes one of the best gifts for that special person in your life. However, if you have been searching for gemstone jewellery online, you will know that there are just so many options to choose from.

Why not make your selection more personal by picking a piece that matches their birthstone? In this blog, we will provide you with a guide of both traditional, modern and alternative gemstones associated with each month so you can make the perfect choice.

Burgundy January

The traditional and modern birthstone for January is garnet. This deep red gem symbolises passion and energy, making it a spirited choice. Beautiful rose quartz is an alternative for a more delicate shade and softer, more soothing energy.

Tranquil Purple February

The soothing purple tones of amethyst are the perfect complement to those with birthdays in February. Or choose a vibrant bloodstone to truly epitomise the month of love.

Blue/Green Serenity For March

March birthdays are associated with refreshing aquamarine with its glassy ocean tones. For more depth of colour, the deep green of a jade gemstone will surely satisfy.

Classic Good Looks In April

The crown jewel of gemstones is associated with those lucky enough to be born in April. The timeless classic beauty of diamonds is known the world over. If your budget doesn’t reach that far, you can opt for a stunning white sapphire gift.

Emerald Green May

Associated with rebirth and renewal, your loved one born in May will be delighted with a gift of emerald. This gemstone radiates positive energy to the wearer and reflects their blossoming spirit. An alternative would be emerald’s lesser-known cousin, chrysoprase, a stone of joy and optimism.

Milky White June

Celebrate the birth month of June with the enduring elegance of pearls, long associated with purity and wisdom. Pearls are the perfect companion for June’s graceful personalities. Moonstone and alexandrite make suitable alternatives to the simplistic beauty of pearls.

Stay tuned as we continue this gemstone journey for the remaining months of the year in a future article.

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