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Astonishing transformations: Gold jewellery repairs like never before in Adelaide

If you’ve been concerned about how to restore the brilliance of your cherished gold jewellery, this blog helps you unlock the secrets to longer lasting, glowing accessories. Discover valuable insights to expert gold jewellery repairs in Adelaide and revive the lustre of your most beloved pieces. Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists are happy to assist you with all kinds of repair services to a variety of gold items, even if you thought they were irreparable!

Gold jewellery cleaning and polishing

Even if you’ve taken utmost care of your gold jewellery, a little dirt is inevitable over time. This is often caused by a build-up of skin oils, moisture, dust or contact with makeup and cleaning products. If you notice your favourite ring, bracelet or earrings looking dull, bring it into Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists for thorough cleaning and polishing, leaving you with sparkling results.

Gold ring repairs

Gold jewellery repairs can extend to rings, including anything from polishing to resizing and resetting of stones. One of the most common damages to gold rings is fallen stones, which can leave your ring looking unsightly and far less elegant than it did initially. We offer advanced gold ring repairs such as soldering and retipping of claws as well as manufacturing hinged rings for arthritic knuckles.

Gold chain repairs

A gold chain is one of the most timeless, versatile pieces of jewellery. It can also be fairly inexpensive, making it a sought-after piece of jewellery for gifts or even everyday wear. If your gold chain has encountered some unfortunate damage, consider quality repairs before replacing it. There are several options available such as shortening chains or replacing broken clasps.

Laser repairs for gold jewellery

Laser repair is a sophisticated technique used for welding delicate jewellery as an alternative to soldering. It can also be used on precious metals such as gold for a refined effect.  We have our own laser welding machine in Adelaide to assist you with intricate repairs to all gold jewellery including antiques.

Don’t give up on your precious gold just yet. Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists has a host of modern techniques to assist you with gold jewellery repairs for just about any type of jewellery and any type of damage. Speak to our friendly jewellers and receive personalised service that will not disappoint.