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Get closer To Nature With Captivating Amber Jewellery

Amber dates back tens of millions of years and unlike most mineral stones, is an organic gem, bringing with it a unique historical captivating quality. Known best as the fiery red-orange or golden brown gemstone seen on rings, earrings and necklaces, amber is an exquisite material for decorative jewellery.

Nature’s Bejewelled Time Capsule 

These fascinating amber stones, like all organic gems, are formed over millions of years by once-living organisms that have become fossilised in hardened sap from ancient trees. The oldest amber dates back to 320 million years ago. It has been deeply valued by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and today, by scientists and jewellery connoisseurs, giving us a glimpse into our past ecosystems. 

Thus, amber stones are like nature’s own time capsules, precious to those who wear them today. Amber jewellery can be worn in many ways, each one as endearing as the next. Take a look at some of the heartwarming pieces from Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists.

Sterling Silver Amber Drop Earrings 

The beautiful, earthy olive tones in these amber drop earrings make them a suitable choice for any outfit. They have a serious, mystical air about them, drawing you into the wonder of the stone’s design. The teardrop-shaped gem set in sterling silver gives these earrings an elegant look.

Sterling Silver Multi-Coloured Amber Bracelet

This multi-coloured amber bracelet illustrates just how versatile amber jewellery can really be. It includes three different colours of gemstones, from light honey to reddish brown to green-gold. Match this bracelet with any of these colours for a hint of intrigue.

Sterling Silver Double Amber Ring 

No amber jewellery enthusiast can do without a captivating amber ring. This double amber ring is set in sterling silver, with its natural reddish brown colour exhibiting the warm shades of autumn. It is light to wear and will allow you to keep a piece of precious earth on your body for extra grounding.

Shop our impressive collection of amber jewellery online at Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists. Indulge in the finest selections of amber rings, pendant and drop earrings or amber bracelets to ease the eye and soothe the soul.