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How To Tell If You Need Watch Repairs Or A Watch Replacement

What would happen if your watch suddenly stopped working? You might go into panic mode, miss a few appointments and lose track of time. We depend on our watches more than we realise, whether it is waking up on time, getting to the office or arriving punctually for a dinner date. If you are suddenly faced with a non-functioning watch and before you rush out to purchase a new one, here are some guidelines on when to get watch repairs. 

The Hands Have Stopped Moving

If the hands of your watch have come to a standstill, it  is probably time for a new battery. Most watch batteries will give you significant use, but if you have had your watch for more than a few years, the battery may have reached the end of its life cycle. Water damage could also lead to non-functioning, so seek professional assistance from a watch repair specialist. With quality repairs, you may not have to give up your precious watch just yet.

Watch Face Is Cracked

A cracked watch face is unsightly and impractical. It can also be emotionally distressing if your watch was a sentimental gift, a family heirloom or an expensive investment. Watch screens are generally quite robust, but they can shatter if dropped or if a heavy object lands on them with force. The good news is that a truly skilled watch repair expert will be able to replace your watch face so you can still use the same watch and save on the cost of a new purchase.

Strap Is Worn Or Damaged

Band replacements are common and quite easily achieved by a qualified watch repair technician. This may be necessary if your leather strap is looking particularly worn out or if you have a link chain that is broken. A watch repair specialist will advise you on the best way to repair the strap or chain and you could be wearing your favourite watch again in no time.

Repairs Will Cost More Than A New Watch

In very rare cases, severe damage to a watch will mean that there is no hope of fixing it and a new watch is in order. Before arriving at this conclusion, have your watch thoroughly checked by an experienced watch repair professional and get a quote. If you need intensive, complex repairs, the cost might exceed the price of a new watch or come close, and in that case, it may be time to cut your losses and shop for a new watch. 

Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists can provide professional advice and watch repairs for all types of watch damage, on any model. In most cases, we will find the best solution to repair your watch, but should you wish to purchase a new one, we also offer a superb collection of men's and ladies' watch brands. Get in touch to book your repairs or shop online.