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Get Your Adina Watch Repaired In Adelaide

Adina is known for its luxurious decadent watches with intricate designs and contemporary style to suit modern women and men. It’s the kind of watch that is a lifetime investment, and you want to take good care of it at all times. If you need repairs for your Adina watch in Adelaide, have a closer look at these possible repair options.

Battery Care 

If you’ve noticed some sluggishness in your Adina watch and it’s struggling to keep the time despite being reset, it may be time for a new battery. Avoid taking any chances with your battery and get your Adina watch battery replaced at a professional jeweller in Adelaide. Some batteries can be replaced fairly quickly, but some may take a little more careful repair work, so be sure to go to a trustworthy establishment like Adelaide Jewellery Repair specialists.

The One And Only Pressure Test 

Any water-resistant Adina watch which has just had a new battery fitted will need to undergo the ever famous water pressure test. Don’t worry, your watch will be safe throughout this process and experienced jewellers will know exactly how to conduct the test in the safest way. If your watch does not pass the test, it means that a new water-resistant solution is needed, which could mean a new glass seal or a new back seal. 

An All-New Band 

Get your Adina watch band repaired in Adelaide for a refreshing, good-as-new feeling. Your watch band is just as important as any other part of the watch, as it holds character and is an essential part of the whole ensemble. Comfort and fit are imperative for a watch, so ask your jeweller to assist you with getting this just right. Fix a missing link or have a new leather band inserted for that clean, out of the box look and feel.

Don’t Miss Your Service 

Every watch should have a scheduled service every four to five years. By doing this regularly, you can avoid serious repairs down the line. A serviced watch will work smoothly and serve you well for many years. It’s especially important with a brand like Adina to take exceptional care of your watch when it’s on or off your wrist. Get your Adina watch serviced at Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists for that magical touch.

Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists have been the most trusted repair experts since 1972. Bring your watch in if you’re experiencing any trouble, and we’ll give it a meticulous check, repair or service. If you’d like to buy an Adina watch in Adelaide, you can also shop online here.

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