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The History Of Marcasite Jewellery

You may have seen it and even fallen in love with it, but not many people know the fascinating story behind Marcasite jewellery. This particular style is often favoured for its vintage-like appearance and affordable price tag compared to diamonds and most other gems. Marcasite is a type of gemstone, but the name also refers to a type of jewellery that involves placing Marcasite stones in silver to create unique, elegant pieces.

Marcasite Jewellery Through The Ages

Deep in the Andes region of South America as far back as the 12th century AD, it is believed that The Inca civilisation first used marcasite jewellery. They dressed their kings and queens in it, and large amounts of the jewellery pieces have been found in the region, along with ornamental stones. Further north in Europe, the Greeks were believed to have carved this gem as did the ancient empires of the Middle East. Remember the Egyptian queen Cleopatra? She is said to have worn this very type of adornment to accentuate her beauty. Marcasite rose to great popularity in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries and was elevated to fashionable status after Queen Victoria herself was seen wearing it. Soon Marcasite jewellery was a popular choice among many.

Modern Marcasite 

Today, this intriguing gemstone and style of jewellery design is a favoured substitute for the more expensive diamond. Soon after the romantic Victorian and Art Nouveau period, it became a characteristic trend of the 1920s. The brassy, metallic appearance of Marcasite combines well with silver and have been used in nature-inspired jewellery emblems such as butterfly or flower shapes. However, the style of jewellery rather than the gem itself grabs the attention of jewellery lovers worldwide, which is why Marcasite jewellery remains timeless and is constantly transforming into breathtaking designs.

Modern Marcasite jewellery can be cleaned with gentle strokes of warm soapy water, scrubbing should be avoided - but for the best result, bring your special pieces to Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists who can not only expertly clean your pieces, but also repair or restore your treasured marcasite and other delicate antique jewellery or luxury items. Contact us for more information.