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How To Wear And Care For Your Amber Jewellery In Autumn

Amber jewellery could be dubbed the ideal choice for autumn accessorising. Its earthy shades of golden brown, forest green and deep yellows beautifully embody the season and add a touch of luxury to an autumn wardrobe. Amber is also extremely versatile, making it a favourite among jewellery and fashion connoisseurs.

Sterling Silver Amber Ring

This dark green and gold oval amber ring is set in sterling silver to allow the natural stone to stand out. If you are new to amber jewellery, rings are a great way to start, allowing you to see how gorgeous these captivating stones look. 

Amber rings bring elegance and class to any autumn look. Complete the look with a matching pair of amber earrings.

Sterling Silver Amber Bracelet

This sterling silver amber bracelet has multi-coloured amber stones, showcasing perfectly the exquisite range of this versatile stone. This bracelet, with its forest green, honey and auburn colours will look stunning. 

These stones can be matched beautifully with black, brown or red as well as white or ivory. Looking for a unique accessory? This amber bracelet makes the ideal outfit enhancer.

Caring For Your Amber Jewellery 

As with any jewellery, amber jewellery deserves the right kind of care so it can maintain its lustre and give you endless joy. If you want to get several years of wear out of your amber jewellery, avoid scratching or damaging the stone. 

Clean it gently with mild soap and warm water to remove excess dirt and dust, especially if you wear it often and outdoors, but avoid harsh chemicals. When not in use, store your treasured amber stones in a soft, dry place. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also darken the stone.

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