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Let’s Style Your Amber Jewellery with Unique Ideas

A Glimpse into Amber 

Let's take a moment to appreciate the wonder of amber. It may surprise you to know that amber is not a typical gemstone. It is formed from fossilised tree resin that has solidified over millions of years, preserving ancient life within its warm, golden embrace. This gives amber jewellery unique shades that range from honey-gold to deep, earthy reds and greens. 

Getting Creative with Amber Jewellery 

Amber jewellery lends itself perfectly to the bohemian style, which celebrates individuality, creativity and a free-spirited attitude. It can also be worn with other gemstones or even marcasite jewellery to enhance its authentic glow. 

Layer, Mix and Match

By layering, mixing and matching amber necklaces of varying lengths, you can wear all your favourite necklaces at once while stepping out in eclectic, bold style. Try a sterling silver amber pendant with a delicate gold chain mixed with chunky necklaces.   

Natural Pairings

Amber jewellery pairs beautifully with earthy tones. 

Statement Earrings

Amber earrings can be the statement piece of your outfit. Choose shapes and colours that compliment your features and add a touch of drama to your look, such as these  sterling silver amber drop earrings in alluring bottle green. 

Boho Bangle Stacks 

Stack amber bracelets with other bohemian-inspired bangles and cuffs for a wrist full of personality. Have fun mixing and matching colours and textures to create a look that is uniquely you.

Ready to welcome amber jewellery as a timeless accessory on your boho journey? Celebrate your wild and untamed spirit with elegant amber jewellery pieces from Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists. Shop online or get in touch today.