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Notes from an expert on repairing pearl jewellery in Adelaide

Pearls are nature's exquisite treasures, captivating us with their timeless elegance and enchanting lustre. They embody sophistication and grace that withstand the test of time. Each pearl, a unique creation born from the depths of the ocean, possesses a distinct charm, making your pearl jewellery in Adelaide a symbol of refined beauty and enduring style. 

As with any precious gem, the radiant allure of pearl jewellery is not immune to the effects of time and wear. To preserve the delicate splendour of your pearls, proper care and maintenance are imperative. Let’s delve into the reasons why safeguarding these iridescent gems will preserve their longevity and what to do if repairs are in order. 

Caring for pearl jewellery

Receiving a pearl necklace as a gift is a moment you will always remember. The last thing you want is for it to become damaged. Simple care habits can preserve the timeless beauty of your pearl jewellery in Adelaide and prevent costly repairs. 

Gently wipe your pearls with a soft, damp cloth to remove any residue makeup and store them separately from other jewellery to prevent scratching, preferably in a soft pouch or lined box. You also need to restring your pearls regularly to prevent potential breakage and ensure that the silk thread remains strong. Finally, keep your pearls away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and chemicals, such as hairspray. 

Where to go for pearl jewellery repair in Adelaide

What do you do in the event of damage to your pearls? Repairing pearl jewellery in Adelaide is not as simple as it sounds, since you have to carefully select a repair specialist who has sufficient experience with pearls in particular. 

It is best to visit the repair store personally and speak to the store staff to find out exactly how they plan to restore your pearls. Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists will be happy to repair your pearl jewellery in Adelaide, taking extra care with rethreading and applying laser repairs where needed. We will conduct a thorough cleaning of your pearls and gems , to restore the original beauty of the entire piece for generations to come. 

From freshwater pearl pendants to pearl hook earrings, pearl stud earrings and pearl necklaces set in diamonds, white gold or rose gold, we can repair a variety of pearl jewellery in adelaide.

Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists is a family-owned business assisting the community with high-quality jewellery repair services since 1972. Our owner Tim Crisp has over 30 years of experience in jewellery manufacturing plus 12 years of experience with laser welding machine technology. Bring your favourite pieces to us for reliable pearl jewellery repair in Adelaide or get in touch here.