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Estate Jewellery: The Perfect Gift For Your Valentine

Finding the perfect gift for your valentine, one that matches their personal style and taste but won't break the bank, can be challenging in a world where newer is often considered better. But in the timeless world of estate jewellery, Adelaide residents can look forward to finding unique and stylish pieces that match any style or personality and suit any budget. 

Adelaide Jewellery Repairs is here to highlight why you should consider gifting estate jewellery pieces for Valentine’s Day this year.  

High Value At Affordable Prices 

Estate pieces are generally offered at a lower price than newly designed and manufactured jewellery because they are previously owned. As a result, you will find beautifully crafted pieces with intricate details and rare jewels that have been meticulously hand-finished at prices suited to even the most modest buyer.  

Durability That Has Stood The Test of Time 

You may be surprised to learn that antique jewellery is often of higher quality than new jewellery, as antique jewellery is generally hand crafted, not machine created, as you may find in this day and age.

Sourcing vintage estate jewellery increases your chances of finding pieces created by skilled artisans who took their time to carefully craft and hand polish all of the piece's components, ensuring its durability. Antique jewellery pieces are special and unique, and can be handed down the generations.  

Encompassing The Essences Of Bygone Eras 

Estate jewellery spans multiple centuries. These precious trinkets hold a piece of history within them, offering the wearer glimpses into the design niches and aesthetics of iconic bygone eras. 

Whether it encompasses Art Nouveau's formulaic and naturalistic designs or the filigree laden diamond and pearl-encrusted platinum styles that defined the Edwardian era, each estate piece has a story to tell. This makes an estate piece a gift that goes beyond its physical value as its sentimental and conversational value is instantly multiplied. 

Most No Vintage Or Estate Piece Is Repairable Irreparable 

Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists is a family-owned business established in 1972. Over the 50 years in business, they have seen and repaired many one of a kind vintage pieces.  

We stay up to date on the latest repair techniques, and our service is fast and the most affordable in town. Everything we do comes from the heart, and we believe that most pieces are repairable. If a repair job is deemed too difficult by others, we will devote our time and experience to getting the job done. 

If you have found the perfect vintage Valentine’s Day piece and need fast and affordable restoration and repair work done to estate jewellery in Adelaide, do not hesitate to get in touch.