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Your Guide To Marcasite Jewellery In Adelaide

Marcasite jewellery has a long, fascinating history, dating back to the Incas and the Ancient Greeks. According to legend, Cleopatra wore marcasite to preserve her beauty. Expert jewellery repair specialists Adelaide Jewellery Repairs is here to tell you all there is to know about marcasite jewellery in Adelaide. 

How To Recognise Marcasite Jewellery?

Marcasite jewellery is made from pyrite ‒ a delicate, brass-coloured, metallic stone. The stone is granular with a low Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5. Because marcasite is very brittle, it must be worn with great care and never in the water (shower / pool/ spa).

In appearance, marcasite appears dark with a metallic lustre. When used in silver jewellery, marcasite is generally set in clusters, giving a lovely sparkle effect from the facets on each individual stone.  

Tips For Cleaning Your Marcasite Jewellery 

When cleaning your marcasite jewellery, remember that it is delicate and your jewellery pieces may contain other precious materials like silver or gemstones. Thus cleaning marcasite jewellery with powerful and toxic domestic detergents can easily damage your marcasite jewellery. Instead, use a soft cloth (or a jewellery silver cloth) and gently rub the pieces. Don’t use water to clean your pieces and avoid excessive brushing and scratching. Take extra care around additional larger semi-precious stones.

Should marcasites become loose or even dislodged altogether, we are Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists, who have been in the trade for nearly 50 years - - can replace, reglue, reset missing marcasites.

Marcasite Jewellery Range

We also have an extensive range of unique marcasite jewellery pieces in store - so why not come in and see us in the Da Costa Arcade or contact us to discuss your jewellery needs.

We also will soon have a range of marcasite jewellery in our online store (keep your eyes out for it), or join our mailing list to be notified adelaidejewelleryrepairs@gmail.com