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Repurposing Ancient Charm With Estate Jewellery In Adelaide

Whether you have some jewellery that needs updating or remodelling or are in the market to buy a new piece of jewellery, Adelaide Jewellery Repairs is the place to come. With intentional and caring retouches, there is a wide range of preloved classics at low and affordable prices in store waiting for you. The pristine quality of these classic timeless pieces will certainly impress.


You can never go wrong when deciding to repurpose your own or someone else’s preloved and pre-worn jewellery pieces. These accessories speak for themselves, with an obvious appeal to the lover of antiques and old, beautiful products. With a mature taste in the finer things, our preloved jewellery may be the very object to finish off your pristine collection. We have a wide range of jewellery to choose from, all with their own personality and original flare. Do not shy away from purchasing the old which holds many years of history and tradition.

Pre-emptive Prices

Jewellery can be very expensive for even the smallest diamond or precious gemstones. This is why our estate jewellery prices are lower and more affordable than other custom or brand-new pieces. You will get your money's worth and your jewellery will make a statement

Premium Quality 

High-quality jewellery will indeed hold its value over time. Not only that, but it may increase over time depending on your matured piece and its characteristics. When purchasing something old and preloved, keep this in mind, as it could turn into an unexpected investment. With premium-quality pieces and a team dedicated to restoring and repairing jewellery of all kinds, you cannot go wrong.

For professional service and to view our estate jewellery pieces, contact the Adelaide Jewellery Repairs team on T: 08 8223 1501 or contact them via email at adelaidejewelleryrepairs@gmail.com. Restore and revive your sense of style today with estate jewellery in Adelaide.