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Looking For Repairs Or A Replacement Battery For Your Adina Watch? Find Out Which Adelaide Store Is Now Offering Repairs For This World-Class Brand!

Whether used to add artistry and ambiance to your home décor, or reflect personality and taste from your wrist, specialty wall clocks and watches band  has made a notable comeback in recent years.

Adelaide locals are particularly captivated by the world-class artisan watches and wall clocks handcrafted by Adina, a Brisbane-based family-owned brand. So, where can Adelaide locals get their hands on one of Adina’s timeless creations?

Don’t Waste Your Time – Check Out Adelaide’s New Adina Stockist!

As the only brand to still design and forge their collections in Australia for Australians, we are proud to bring these uniquely Aussie Adina creations to you. Boasting a wide range of classic, lifestyle, glamour, and contemporary pieces; you will find the perfect one for you at this local store.

Now you have the luxury to browse through exquisite clock varieties from your hometown, including wall, mechanical, pendulum, and compact alarm clocks. It doesn’t stop there! AJR stocks the highest-quality watches from Adina collections such as work, diving, fashion, casual, beach, and more!

With innovative technology, ever-evolving designs, specialist local craftmanship, and Australian family business roots – these clocks and watches will stand the test of time and the harsh outback!

But what do you do when your beloved Adina needs fixing? AJR offers a range of repairs and replacements for all their watches and clocks. Dealing with such delicate creations requires expert precision, specialist tools, years of experience and, most importantly, the relevant Adina parts. In this case, a YouTube tutorial just won’t cut it! DIY and amateur repair jobs have ruined countless salvageable pieces, don’t let yours be next! Save time and money by trusting your piece with our master technicians. They are fully equipped to handle repairs and battery replacements of every clock and watch type in Adina’s range.

Fast Service, Best Prices

Here at our local store, you can take advantage of a range of restorative services for your Adina watch or clock at modest prices in half the time! After a watch battery replacement for a waterproof watch, we recommend letting us test the waters. Don’t wait until it’s too late, because rice won’t help you here! Our first-class water pressure testing procedure will pick up any issues instantly.

Just like your car, Adina clocks and watches can last decades, even generations! However, also like cars, servicing is necessary to keep your timepieces functioning at the highest level for years on end. Such intricately made mechanical watches need to be serviced every four to five years. This varies from collection to collection, as they are tailored to suit different aspects of the Australian lifestyle. Depending on how often you wear your watch, as well as how well you store it when you don’t, you may be over due for a service to keep it ticking! Develop a customised service plan based on our expert assessment. While you wait, we can replace your watch band on the spot. Choose from an extensive range of the highest quality leather and metal bands instore.

Whether you’re in need of an emergency repair or looking to treat yourself, contact us and visit our store in Adelaide for all your Adina needs!