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Why Watches And Wall Clocks Make For Perfect Family Heirloom Pieces

A watch tends to go everywhere with you and spend years by your side, a companion in all of your daily experiences. Far beyond the purpose they were originally created for, watches are expressions of personal style and have the almost staggeringly impossible ability to transcend trends and time. A good watch not only makes a great impression but can also serve as the perfect family heirloom to pass down to your children and grandchildren. There’s just something special about wearing a timepiece on your wrist that your grandfather had worn on his for many years of his life, and it summons imaginings of how life might have been back then.

If you’re looking to invest in something that will stand the test of time – ironically – a watch can be a great investment.

The same can be said about wall clocks within homes. Passed down from generation to generations, wall clocks will not only bring about a historical piece within your home, bringing up memories of those past, but will also function to tell the time and provide aesthetic charm.

High standard watches and wall clocks can reach significant prices and, for the discerning buyer or someone looking to put their money into something that won’t lose value and will always be in demand, these are an ideal option. Even if you just want to purchase something that will hold immense sentimental value to yourself and eventually your family members, a watch or wall clock is always a great investment.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a timepiece that will serve as a family heirloom:

  1. Go for ageless style and sophistication. A mechanical watch is a definite prerequisite when it comes to investing in a watch, as digital watches simply do not carry the value of a carefully constructed mechanism with refined detailing. Also look at the watch strap and go for something with a classic leather or metal design.
  2. Consider investing in a waterproof watch, as these will ensure greater longevity and reduce any concerns about it being damaged accidentally.
  3. Look at limited edition watches and wall clocks. If you can afford to, opt for a design that has only been produced in small scale – this will increase the overall value of the watch and make it a better investment over time.

Finally, bear in mind that if you intend to make the watch or wall clock a valued family heirloom, present it to your children or grandchildren at an age and point in their lives where they will truly value and treasure it. For any jewellery repairs to timepieces you own, from a watch to a wall clock, Adelaide entrusts their prized heirlooms to us for immaculate servicing and maintenance – give us a call or stop by our shop to find out more.

Whether you need a watch repaired or need help with servicing your wall clock, Adelaide Jewellery Repairs’ team is available and ready to assist.