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What Is Laser Jewellery Repair And Why Do We Use It

Laser welding has revolutionised the industry for both clients and repairers alike, due to the incredible precision and speed at which it allows you to complete the task.

Laser is an acronym for ‘Light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation’. This means that the laser welder can produce a sharp and focused light beam to enable a pinpointed repair and jewellery valuation in Adelaide.

Laser has pioneered a way for jewellers to work on the most intricate of items without leaving any visible signs of repair. This is especially significant when working on heirlooms such as your great grandmother’s brooch. Before laser welding, repairs that once required multiple steps to disassemble a piece; un-setting the stones, completing the repair, then re-setting the stones – can now be completed in a single step. With laser welding, very little heat is generated at the weld point.

Having the ability to adjust the laser beam from two millimetres in diameter down to two-tenths of a millimetre allows the jeweller to have and keep complete control, as to where the heat dispersion shall be. By using the laser welder, not only are you able to make repairs quickly and easily but, it allows the jeweller to be as close as half a millimetre from a heat-sensitive stone.

Different Metal Types  

One of the biggest benefits to laser welding is the versatility of metals that it is able to work on. From lead to silver, gold, platinum, stainless steel and even titanium there is little that these laser welders cannot do. Previously, jewellers would discourage clientele on a lead or costume jewellery repair due to the costs involved (re-plating the piece, removal of the stones, etc.) With Laser technology however, it has never been easier to do a quick repair without needing to re-plate the product. Stainless steel, once a headache for jewellers has become a repair, achievable using the Laser as is titanium, with some glasses arms being able to be repaired.

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