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What You Need To Know About Watch Repairs in Adelaide

Adelaide Jewellery Repair Specialists have been in the watch repair business for over 45 years and during that time we have picked up on more than just a few tricks of the trade. Watches are more than just a wrist accessory, they have a knack of becoming considered part of our assets and are often seen as investments. So, you should always take good care of your watches and make sure that, when applicable, they are repaired correctly.

If you are in need of taking your prized possession into a shop for some TLC, here are a few things you should know about watch repairs before you do:

The Cost Of Watch Repairs

Watchmakers can vary widely in regards to what they charge for watch repairs. The cost of the repairs will also vary depending on which brand and type of watch you own as the less accessible the replacement parts are, the more costly the repair will be. Any good watch will come with a warranty, unfortunately there are certain types of damage that are not covered by warranties such as accidental damage. A quote on the cost of repairs can be given once an assessment has been completed, but this too may come at a price as discerning the true damage of something like a harsh impact on a hard surface, may take some time and effort. Quote costs may be wavered if you go ahead with the repair. Keep in mind that the more expensive your watch is, the more complicated the repair may be and, in turn, the more costly the repair.

Turnaround Time on Watch Repairs

The turnaround time on watch repairs is all dependent on what exactly needs to be repaired on your watch. Simple repairs like band or battery replacement can be done while you wait or with a fast turnaround time. While other more complicated repairs, like glass replacement or mechanical faults, will take longer.

Watches are intricate devices that deserve care, caution and passion in the maintenance and repair of their mechanisms and cases. For experienced and dedicated watch care and repairs for antique, modern and luxury watches, contact Adelaide Jewellery Specialists today for Jewellery Cleaning!